How Reviews Can Improve Your Company’s Relationship with Customers

Customer relations is a foundational aspect of running a successful business, especially for small-to-medium-size companies with less exposure than their larger rivals. A business’s relationship with its clients has an impact on everything from conversion rates and reputation to marketing success and so much more. Although focusing on high-quality products and services can improve customer relations, there are other important components to take into account. Here, we’ll explore the various ways reviews can improve your company’s relationship with clients.


It’s an accurate measure of customer satisfaction.

A key to optimizing customer relations is knowing how customers feel. If you have a well-defined and accurate understanding of how your current and potential clients perceive your business, you’re in a better position to improve the experience. You’ll know what you’re doing right, what needs some tweaking, and what you should get rid of altogether. Reviews are the single most effective way to gain a precise, real-time, and unfiltered understanding of customer satisfaction. It’s a great way to save time, energy, and money all while gaining an accurate gauge of how your customers feel.


Customers feel heard.

Whether you’re responding to positive or negative feedback, customers appreciate it when businesses interact with their comments. It shows that you genuinely value their opinion and eagerly want to improve your business. Engaging with great feedback reinforces the client’s positive experience and encourages them to continue working with your business. On the other hand, responding to constructive feedback shows clients that you take their concerns seriously and want to solve the problem. In both scenarios, the customer will feel heard and understood which increases the likelihood they’ll decide to work with you again.


Reviews can improve customer service.

The benefit of client feedback on customer relations isn’t just limited to positive reviews. In fact, some of the best changes can come from critical reviews. While positive feedback is great for building reputation, loyalty, and awareness, it does little in way of improving how your business operates. Conversely, critical reviews highlight areas where your business is falling short in the customer experience. Addressing these issues can drastically improve your company’s relationship with existing and future customers. The trick is seeing critical reviews as opportunities for improvement instead of an attack or threat to your business.


Potential customers love client testimonials.

People spend hours, days, and sometimes even weeks researching a business before spending their money. With customer testimonials influencing 93% of purchasing choices, it’s clear what potential customers care about the most: reviews! Although it’s crucial to include information about your offerings and company online, you make it so much easier for potential clients to make an informed decision about your business by curating feedback from previous customers. It lends a level of credence that your brand can’t achieve alone. By simplifying the research process for clients who are on the fence, you’ll further improve your relationship with customers.


Why most review sites fail businesses.

Some of the biggest obstacles preventing businesses from making the most of customer feedback are actually the review sites themselves. Google, Yelp, and other conventional review platforms severely limit the control businesses have over their client feedback. Positive reviews aren’t properly bolstered for potential customers and critical reviews aren’t effectively channeled to resolve issues that arise That’s where hapigood comes into play!


This one-of-a-kind customer review and reputation management platform is designed to put businesses back in the driver’s seat when it comes to client feedback. hapigood makes it easier for businesses to source reviews, promote positive testimonials, respond to negative client experiences, and reap all the myriad benefits of customer feedback.


If you’re interested in learning more about what hapigood can offer and how your business can benefit, contact us today. We’re already helping a host of small businesses improve their review and reputation management. Your business should be next!