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Don’t Be Scared of Customer Feedback (There Are More Upsides Than Downsides)>
Don’t Be Scared of Customer Feedback (There Are More Upsides Than Downsides)

Every business owner has nightmares of a single negative review ruining their company’s hard-earned and well-deserved reputation. Ironically, it’s this trepidation that prevents businesses from realizing the powerful effects of customer feedback. In reality, there are far more upsides than downsides when it comes to actively seek out client testimonials. Plus, the negative aspects can be avoided if you use the right strategies.


The benefits of customer feedback.

Increased online exposure.

Many business owners operate under the misconception that customer reviews are simply an informational resource potential customers use after finding their company. However, customer feedback plays a critical role in boosting a business’s online exposure. The more testimonials your business can garner, the easier it is for people to find you online.

How does that work, exactly? Well, every customer review acts as a unique piece of content relevant to your business that allows search engines like Google to rank your business higher in related search results. In general, businesses with more reviews are regarded as more authentic and higher-quality and, therefore, more worthy of exposure.

Boosted customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is just one direction of a two-way street. The other side is maintained by businesses that actively seek out customer feedback. Clients are eager to share their experiences with your business and are more likely to keep coming back when they feel as though their opinion matters.

When you consider that repeat customers comprise a hefty percentage of a business’s overall income, the impact of increased loyalty shouldn’t be underestimated. Plus, potential customers will notice the loyalty of current clients and develop an improved image of your business as a result.

Improved customer experience.

Positive customer feedback is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean negative testimonials are a waste. In fact, it’s these reviews that make it possible for businesses to continue refining their customer service. Critical feedback can point out shortcomings in the customer experience that might have flown under the radar, giving business owners a valuable heads-up.

When handled properly, negative reviews actually have the power to push the needle of progress forward. The same can’t be said about positive reviews that act as a reinforcement rather than an opportunity for improvement.  When you respond proactively and constructively to critical feedback, customers will view your business as responsible, mindful, and caring.

Better conversion rates.

Getting people to your site is only half the battle. The most challenging part is converting these visitors into paying customers. Unsurprisingly, this is where most businesses have trouble. Although there are a number of factors that contribute to optimized conversion rates, too many business owners overlook the power of customer testimonials.

The numbers are quite clear. 93% of customers only consider purchasing a product before reading reviews. On top of that, nearly 55% of consumers read a minimum of four testimonials before whipping out their credit cards. When displayed prominently, customer feedback can act as your business’s most powerful marketing tool.


The problem with standard customer review sites.

There’s no denying the advantages of customer reviews, so why are so many businesses wary of feedback? Unfortunately, it’s review sites like Google and Yelp that hold the blame. Instead of allowing businesses to oversee and manage their customer reviews, these sites grant zero control. This leaves real, hard-working, and high-quality businesses at the whim of mysterious algorithms that leave little-to-no recourse.


How to make the most of customer testimonials.

In order to harness the true power of client feedback, business owners need to reclaim ownership of their reviews. hapigood is a unique customer review and reputation management software that helps companies escape from the Googles and Yelps to have greater say over what happens to reviews. Constructive feedback is properly channeled to customer service, and positive reviews are posted so everyone can see them. You no longer have to shy away from reviews!


Feel free to contact us today to learn more about hapigood and how it can positively impact your business.