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a full-service outsourced marketing/consulting agency
burnett media group

gregory burnett & ludmila neaga-burnett lead a team of professionals that are brought together to match the specific needs of each client. 

burnett media group is an efficient full-service outsourced business & political consulting agency (marketing, communications, advertising, design, branding, video/audio production, copyrighting, reputation etc...) and typically act as your marketing department - ala carte - without the extensive expense of a full in-house staff. 

why burnett media group?
the team, as well as all custom programs, political campaigns & ongoing services are carefully tailored & managed to beat the need.
founder led | 30+ industry years. 
greg burnett is well-recognized for his decades of effective support leading winning campaigns in business & politics.
tailored approach
no business or campaign is the same. knowing home & having the ability to tailor the team & support programs to fit the need is extremely unique.
ahead of the curve
tailored model consulting, if led correctly, allows extreme flexibility as needs change, technology changes or communication standards shift. 
what is burnett known for?
a tailored approach makes it tougher to nail down specific 'services' so let's talk about what burnett is 'known for'. the areas where we found a common recurring need among our clients over the years and have built efficient programs that effectively serve critical business/political needs. 
business reboot
packaged business primary branding & communication update: logo, messaging, website, social media, blog etc... 

a complete branding/marketing update-reboot of the essentials for your day to day operation.
content management
original articles tailored to your customers interests. published to website, optimized for online search results, posted to social media, distributed in email marketing & promoted in targeted ad. a program, when allowed to do it's job, that almost always becomes a critical element to successful ongoing marketing campaigns. 
reputation improvement
extremely efficient program to monitor, solicit & manage customer feedback and online mentions for marketing messaging testimonials - search, web, social, email, ad.

this is an exclusive burnett program. it is app driven & managed by humans, that was several years in development to create a very unique and extremely effective program to manage your online reputation.
your marketing department
tailored, results-driven, efficient, full-service ongoing programs with regular update/strategy meetings for in-the-moment needs. 

in practice, burnett acts are your marketing department. 
political/issue campaigns 
extensive experience (30+ years) in successfully managing/consulting winning political campaigns and issues.

bottom-up or as-needed, burnett brings in & manages the political crew that gets the job done.
non-profit consulting
we work with several well-known non-profit organizations focused on issues where we have team members with deep knowledge/experience. 
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