How Customer Reviews Can Improve a Small Business’s Reputation

As a small business, reputation is one of the most effective tools you have for maintaining current customers and attracting new ones. Every positive customer experience has the power to improve how people view your company. The more positive things people hear about your business, the higher the likelihood they’ll use your service or buy your products. There are plenty of ways businesses can boost their reputation, but customer reviews are among the most powerful. Unfortunately, they’re often overlooked or underutilized. Let’s look at some ways testimonials can improve your business’s reputation.


Customers want to be heard.

In a world of outsourced call centers, endless dial tones, and faceless customer service, customers are craving to be heard. Small businesses are actually at an advantage here when compared to large corporations that constantly search for ways to spend less at the expense of customer experience. Small businesses that actually encourage customers to share their thoughts will instantly stand out. It might seem like a small gesture, but it means a lot to customers who constantly feel as though their opinions don’t matter to companies This can create improved customer relationships overall.


Reviews build brand awareness.

A whopping 95% of people read customer reviews before spending their money with a business. This is how a company with decades of experience and better products can lose out to an inferior company with more reviews. A small business with a significant number of customer testimonials online is instantly viewed as more trustworthy and higher quality than the competition. A wealth of customer testimonials describing the amazing experience clients had when working with your business lends a level of credence that’s difficult to achieve in other ways.


They improve customer service.

Many small businesses fear that a single negative review will eviscerate everything they’ve done to keep clients satisfied. When handled properly, negative reviews can actually work to boost customer service instead of harming it. The key is to get in front of critical reviews before they’re broadcasted to the world so you have a chance to resolve them. Businesses that can reach out to customers who had a negative experience will develop a reputation of being proactive, helpful, and caring. Contrary to popular belief, negative reviews are a great opportunity to gain a happy and loyal customer. Which brings us to the next point.


Testimonials instill brand loyalty.

Most small businesses rely heavily on repeat customers for their success. As a result, the value of customer testimonials isn’t limited to their ability to convert new customers. When leveraged properly, customer feedback can establish, solidify, and increase brand loyalty among your business’s current clientele base. People are going to feel more comfortable spending their money again with businesses that openly and actively encourage reviews from customers. This commitment to quality is mirrored by an increased customer loyalty that makes a business even more attractive to potential clients.


They boost business SEO.

There are countless factors that determine how high your business ranks on search engines. One of the most overlooked and powerful drivers of high ranking is actually customer reviews. When curated effectively, every customer testimonial has the potential to become a unique piece of content. And the more relevant content your business publishes, the higher it shows up on search results. On top of that, Google prefers to show potential customers reputable and authentic businesses. Real customer reviews can prove to search engines that your business is dependable and real.


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