6 Reasons Why Customers Prefer to Buy from Reviewed Businesses

Every business owner understands that customer reviews can have a positive impact on success. However, do you know the extent of that impact? Here’s a quick rundown:


As the numbers plainly illustrate, customers overwhelmingly prefer to buy from a reviewed business. Here, we’re going to look into the motivating factors behind this phenomenon.


1.   They know your business is legit.

The internet is overflowing with sketchy, scamming, and downright fraudulent businesses trying to hook unwitting customers. As a result, people are highly skeptical when searching for companies on the internet. Customer reviews are an effective way to help potential customers ease their guard. Seeing that real people have had a great experience with your business can work wonders for developing trust and legitimacy online.


2.   Curiosity gets the best of us.

People are naturally curious. Even customers who are already decided to spend money with your business might check out previous reviews just to see what others are saying. In this scenario, a bunch of positive reviews can work to solidify their conviction to buy your products or use your services. However, a general lack of reviews or a slew of negative customer testimonials can cause those near-customers to backtrack.


3.   Customers want to see businesses that care.

Long gone are the days when consumers only cared about the quality of products. On top of premium-quality goods and services, people want an excellent customer service experience too. Review can instantly tell potential customers how a business interacts with its current clientele. The content of the reviews can illustrate what it’s like to work with your business, and your company’s responses to those reviews demonstrate your willingness to engage with clients too. A gesture that might seem minor to you goes a long way when people are on the fence.


4.   It shows your business is alive and well.

What’s posted on the internet sticks around forever, but businesses come and go. Everyone’s had the experience of finding a company online only to find out it no longer exists in real life. Often, potential customers search for customer reviews as a lifeline to make sure a business is still kicking. It’s important to note that simply having testimonials isn’t sufficient. You need to have recent customer reviews to prove that your business is running strong.


5.   Customers trust customer reviews.

It’s somewhat of a truism to say potential customers trust reviews from your past clients. After all, this is one of the more foundational reasons for encouraging and curating testimonials. Still, the impact might not hit home until you crunch the numbers. One revealing survey found that 84% of customers trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. This is the virtual equivalent of super convincing word-of-mouth advertising. The best part is these positive online reviews are up 24/7, generating more trust and garnering more attention round the clock.


6.   They show the quality of your products or services.

The most compelling motivation customers have for scouring reviews of your business is to gauge the quality of what you offer. Testimonials make it easy for potential clients to determine the standard of your products or services without having to spend a penny. Plus, no matter how many times you claim your business is the best (which it probably is!), people are going to remain skeptical until they read customer reviews that echo those claims.


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6 Ways a Professional Social Media Team Can Boost Your Business

Business owners who understand the importance of a social media presence may still question the efficacy of outsourcing this work to a professional team. Many people worry that this investment won’t yield sufficient returns in order to make it worthwhile. While it depends on the quality of the team you hire, social media has proven to have a significant ROI. Instead of accepting that with no proof, let’s take a look at some tangible areas where your company can benefit. Here are 6 ways a professional social media team can boost your business.


Increased exposure.

The foundation of a good marketing scheme is getting your company’s name in front of as many people as possible. Employing a social media team to handle your marketing efforts will successfully tap your company into some of the most active, flourishing, and attractive online communities. A professional social media team will know exactly how to market to your niche audience in order to raise brand awareness and establish your company as an authority.


Improved customer relations.

Social media platforms are excellent resources to boost your customer relations when leveraged properly. The 42% of social media users who expect companies to respond to comments within 60 minutes illustrate the climate of immediacy and connectivity required online. Small businesses without enough time or manpower inhouse can still meet these expectations by outsourcing to a professional social media team that can help improve the customer experience.


More spare time.

Small businesses that are reluctant to join the social media bandwagon often cite time limitations as their primary obstacle. Even those that dabble still feel they’re wasting time when no results are produced. And with 58% of businesses spending less than 1 hour each week on Facebook, it’s not surprising why. By outsourcing all of your social media strategies to a dedicated team, you can avoid this problem without missing out on the myriad benefits that social media marketing can offer your company. You’ll have more spare time to focus on other aspects of your operation to keep things running smoothly.


Customized plan.

When working with a reputable social media team, your business will receive a customized social media marketing plan. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to cut it in such a crowded market. These professionals will take the time to understand your services or products, your target audience, and your voice. They’ll tailor an entire plan around these parameters in combination with their expertise in the field for a more effective social media strategy.


More website traffic.

Websites play an important role for small businesses in lead generation, list building, sales, and much more. A boost in traffic to a company’s site almost guarantees an increase in all associated metrics. Through the promotion of related content and direct links, a social media management team can help increase the number of visitors to your site. This boost in traffic can come from your current social media following or through the use of dynamic and targeted ad campaigns available on these platforms.


Using the best tactics available.

As a business owner, you understand the unpredictability of the market. Social media platforms aren’t an exception to this turbulence as algorithms are subject to change, competition increases, and new platforms are always emerging. A team of social media professionals can help keep your company stay ahead of the competition by implementing the best tactics available and always staying abreast of the most recent changes. Since these professionals focus solely on social media, they’re able to create dynamic strategies guaranteed to yield a competitive ROI.


Even if you understand the importance of social media, that doesn’t mean you have the time to dedicate to it. If you’re short on staff or know-how, consider outsourcing your social media strategies to an expert in the game. Burnett Media Group has a division that specializes in customized and effective social media services. The Burnett Media Group “Soshily” is a dynamic social media management team with the right programs to fit your needs.