Why You Should Encourage Customers to Share Their Experiences

Many business owners are reluctant to encourage customers to talk about their experiences. Everyone’s heard horror stories about a one-off negative testimonial that never seemed to go away no matter how many satisfied customers share their thoughts. Unfortunately, this fear keeps companies from tapping into the plethora of benefits that come with customers talking about their experiences.


6 Reasons to Encourage Customer Testimonials

1.    See what customers really think.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your services and products to keep customers happy. But, when’s the last time you went straight to the source to gauge how clients felt about your business? If you’re like most companies, it’s probably been a while. A customer testimonial – positive or negative – is an invaluable piece of information. It tells you what your business is doing right, what it’s doing wrong, and how it can improve.

2.    Boost brand exposure.

Customer testimonials can also help to increase brand awareness across the internet. Every piece of online content that mentions your business boosts its online exposure including customer testimonials. Google prefers companies that have a lot of testimonials, interaction with real people, and authentic content. Each testimonial that mentions your business’s name will increase the likelihood of it showing up in relevant searches.

3.    Improve customer service.

Better customer service is a greatly overlooked benefit of having customers share their experiences. People love when companies are eager to hear about their thoughts whether they’re positive or negative. On top of that, having consistent testimonials makes it easier to detect repeated issues with your business’s customer experience. This way, you have the insights needed to consistently improve customer service overall.

4.    Increase customer loyalty.

Customers place a premium on businesses that actively seek out their thoughts, questions, and concerns. It adds a level of trustworthiness and authenticity that most companies simply don’t offer to clients. When you actively encourage customers to share their experiences no matter what, it can help to increase customer loyalty. People will always prefer to work with a business that cares what they think.

5.    Get ahead of problems.

No amount of effort, due diligence, or investment can guarantee every single customer has an awesome experience. Regardless of who’s at fault, minor issues will arise from time to time. It might sound counterintuitive, but businesses are better off having customers share their negative thoughts rather than crossing their fingers or ignoring the problem. This way, you have an opportunity to get ahead of the issue before it blows up.

6.    Gain more control.

Motivated customers are going to find a way to share their experiences online with or without your encouragement. When you actively encourage it, you have greater control over where those thoughts are shared. Businesses can free themselves from the stranglehold of popular review sites like Google or Yelp by directing their customers to share their experiences on a preferred platform.


Harness the power of customer testimonials.

A lot of the hesitancy business owners feel about customer reviews stems from the lack of control they have over sites like Google and Yelp. These popular sites make it nearly impossible for you to keep up with reviews or reach out to customers to rectify issues. Everything is completely out of reach. That’s where hapigood comes into play.

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