Suzanne Gallagher, National Executive Director, Parents’ Rights In Education

We have worked on a continuous regular basis with Burnett Media and his team since 2022. He is a professional with high integrity and three decades in the public relations business. Our org engages all services and support which are customized to our specific mission and vision. We continue to benefit from Burnett’s full service approach. Because he comprehends where we are, and need to go, we get there fast.

Sector 5 Productions

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Greg and Burnett Media for over a decade now. In all that time I’ve found them to easy to communicate with, quick at problem solving and addressing issues, and above all extremely professional. Many of the projects we worked on together had lots of people involved and many moving parts. Burnett Media was always on top of making sure things ran as smooth as possible. I loved how Greg always put the interest of the client first even if it wasn’t in the best interest for himself. Hard to find those kinds of companies and people these days. I look forward to continued collaborations with Burnett Media.

Kim S.

We have had a fabulous experience using Greg Burnett and his team of advisors on our projects. Thoughtful and forward thinking, Greg gives clients his all and it shows!

Michele B, Marketing Expert

I’ve worked with Greg at Burnett Media as a digital fulfillment partner for several of his clients and some of his political campaigns. He is genius – so focused and diligent in his work and always has his client’s best interests and goals as his top priority. His passion for political advertising is second to none. I know that Greg will have all of the creative assets professionally produced and his campaigns will be strategic, successful and deliver results! It is a pleasure working with Burnett Media.


I have worked with Greg for a number of years, in broadcast and in digital media. Greg is always open to hearing about new media and opportunities for his clients, which gives them the latest and most custom media programs.

Greg is very passionate about his work and his clients. You can hear the energy and passion when he talks about all of them. He works tirelessly to give them the best campaigns with the best results.

I would highly recommend any business in need of a creative and hard working agency to help them strengthen their brand and grow revenue.

Barbie H, Wedding Show Industry Producer

Greg and his team conduct themselves as if they are part of my company, as if they are in my office and in the business trenches with me. I feel like they are a part of my internal team; nothing feels outsourced with them. I highly recommend Greg, Luda and their amazing team!

Richard P. Burke

I have worked with Burnett Media Group on a variety of projects dealing with print, social media, information dissemination, branding, and marketing through traditional media. I have worked with them on commercial, political, and non-profit related projects.

After working with others before working with Burnett Media Group, I would no longer work with anyone else. I get good service, reasonable pricing, quality product, creative solutions, and good response. I can recommend Burnett Media Group to anyone who needs their services.

Mark R Johnson

In 2022 I decided to run for the Board of County Commissioners and used Burnett Media as my political consultants. I had no prior experience as a candidate, but I wanted to run for a public office once in my life. Greg has decades of experience in political campaigns, and frankly I was pleased he even took me on as a client.

My work experience has been in family-owned companies, and we’ve had businesses in manufacturing, land development, and agriculture. As the owner most directly responsible for marketing, I’ve worked with numerous professionals on various ad campaigns and strategies. I also produce some media content, primarily film.

I cannot speak highly enough about Burnett Media Group. Their work, whether political or corporate, is exceptional. Greg is very creative, but his strategic skills are equally impressive, as is his array of available experts in nearly every applicable category.

Greg is amazing at determining and using available assets, whether that’s human resources and skills, cash, or connections. He evaluates a situation quickly and accurately, then devises a workable plan of action. Burnett Media adapts to market conditions or public opinion with equal ease.

Burnett Media Group maintains working relationships with a plethora of other professionals and contractors, which makes finding the right matches easier and less expensive than most other ad companies. I am very pleased with everything from photography to graphic design, branding, video ad production, and campaign strategy. I even continue using elements of their work in my business dealings because I think it’s that good.

Burnett is also excellent for managing advertising finances. Their work and negotiations on my behalf stretched my money about two and a half times beyond what I’d have received anywhere else.

Statistically speaking, in a political race with 5 candidates it’s highly unlikely a newbie will win, which I knew going in. As a businessman I’ll always be more impressed with numbers than votes.

In this regard, we won. By any objective analysis, the quality of our media far exceeded the other candidates and I opted almost exclusively for digital advertising, so we have the actual numbers on the marketing performance. It’s downright impressive. I fully release BMG to show prospective clients if they have any doubts. If we were selling an actual product I’d have made a million bucks in 3 months.

Whether your marketing needs are political or corporate, don’t make a decision before talking to Burnett Media Group. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen Gadaleta

Greg delivers a winning combination of boundless marketing expertise and a genuine passion for supporting client growth. No matter where your business is at and where it’s looking to get, the Burnett Media Group team can facilitate that transition smoothly, swiftly, and successfully.

Jon Nigbor, President CEO | Best B2B Testimonial Videos

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Greg for several years on several different video projects. If you want to ride a freight train at full speed Greg is your man. He’s got more energy and marketing passion than anyone you’ll meet. Hang on tight and try to keep up. Cheers to you Greg!